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DiscGolf and its History in St. Thomas

Since 1982, the love affair between disc golf and St.Thomas has well, taken flight so to say. Born in California, disc golf has found a home in this area, specifically quartered out of V. A. Barrie Park on Sunset Drive and Water Works course off Dalewood Drive in St. Thomas .

Similar in nature to traditional golf with the exception of a “Frisbee-type” disc replacing the ball and clubs and a metal basket used instead of holes, disc golf has the advantage of being a year round past time.

The sport can trace its' roots in the city back to 1982 when the first disc golf event was held, albeit with sawed off whiskey barrels in lieu of regulation baskets in deference to the cost factor. Three years later the spacious course at Barrie Park was completed, resulting in a permanent home for the St. Thomas Disc Sports Club. Measuring a full 18 holes with a practice basket, the course comes in at 5,800 feet and is regarded as a par-3 for the pros. If you are an amateur, you can settle for a par of 72.

One of the highlights of this beautiful course is the spectacular ninth hole, honored in 1995 as one of the Great disc golf holes in the world. Overlooking the Barrie course from the hill at the Elgin County Court House and stretching to just over 600 feet downhill from tee to basket, the hole became one of a series of 18 in a commemorative disc set. The St. Thomas stamp was available in 10 different colored discs featuring a stylized painting by local artist Colleen Slota. The idea was the brainchild of Professional Disc Golf Association Commissioner John Houck.

Past seasons have proved to be most successful, with St. Thomas winning the World's Biggest Tournament for two consecutive years. In total 276 golfers participated in the two-day event in 1995. This tournament is held to promote the sport to everyone all over the world. For these wins, the St. Thomas club won a complete set of nine baskets that would to be the birth of Water Works Course on the Dalewood Conservation Area in the north end of the city.

Several topnotch events are held in St. Thomas including the Flatts Classic and Can-Am finals at Pinafore Park and lest you think the St. Thomas courses holds the spotlight entirely, the city is also home to 10 World's titles.